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Our Core Values:

•Change the world with green energy
•Appreciate our customers
•Strive to be the best we can be
•Give back to the community
•Trust in a Higher Source


                                           Our Mission

1.  Green energy makes economic sense. Millions of jobs can be created, while saving our economy trillions of dollars!
2.  The environment will thank us. By embracing green energy we can clean up the air we breathe and reduce the impact fossil fuel based energy has on our world.
3. Green energy has a social benefit. Billions of people around the world still have no access to basic electricity. When green energy goes mainstream with economies of scale, everyone will have access to clean, reliable, efficient renewable energy.
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Headquartered in California, our customers include contractors, electricians, publicly traded companies, small businesses, non-profits, homeowners and general consumers from all over the world.
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A "Green" Earth Is Our Birth Right

Environmental themes are laced throughout the Occupy Earth protests, as people begin to realize that money and politics is the underlying cause behind the varied problems they’re rallying against.

We are demanding stricter financial regulations, universal health care, stronger union rights and the abolition of exempt status for corporations. We are calling for a nuclear-free, low-carbon future. ”The Earth is Not Your Ashtray.”

Environmental Activists, agree that eliminating corporate influence from government policy would be a quantum leap forward for the environmental movement.

The cards are stacked against groups that are trying to bring progressive change to mother earth.

The environmental community spent more than ever before on Climate Legislation, but still got out spent eight-to-one by corporate interests.

Earths life support system is degrading – its atmosphere, oceans, and biosphere – this goes hand in hand with the accumulation of wealth, power, and control by the corrupt and greedy 1% we are hearing about from acroos the planet.

The assault on the worlds Middle Class and the assault on the environment are one and the same?

The fact is: we won’t free ourselves from a dysfunctional and unfair economic order and destructive environmental conditions until we begin to see ourselves as a world community, not  as a “world of consumers.”





Clean Powered House


Zero Chemicals


Green Power

 Wind Powering America is a commitment to dramatically increase the use of wind energy in the United States. Through its state Wind Working Groups, programs at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, and partnerships, this initiative will establish new sources of income for American farmers, Native Americans, and other rural landowners and meet the growing demand for clean sources of electricity.
Wind has been the fastest growing source of electricity generation in the world through the 1990s. However, the majority of this growth has been in Europe, where conventional energy costs are higher than those in the United States. With large untapped wind energy resources throughout the country and declining wind energy costs, the United States is now moving forward into the 21st century with an aggressive initiative to accelerate the progress of wind technology and further reduce its costs, to create new jobs, and to improve environmental quality. Wind Powering America will expedite the movement of wind technology into the mainstream of the U.S. electric sector.
Through Wind Powering America, the United States will achieve targeted regional economic development, enhance our power generation options, protect the local environment, and increase our energy and national security.









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